EACL Sponsorship Policy


Each year, the EACL may make available a limited number of sponsorships each worth a relatively small amount of money. Sponsorships are awarded only if the EACL budget allows it.

As an indication, in 2013, the EACL awarded five sponsorships, of approximately 500 Euros each.


In awarding sponsorships, EACL focuses on education in computational linguistics in the geographical area of the EACL. Priority is given to students from Eastern Europe and more generally, to students from countries with hard currency problems (within the geographical area covered by EACL).

In the past, EACL has sponsored introductory courses at European summer-schools (in the form of a contribution towards the presenters' expenses), participation at summer-schools (funding tuition fees and subsistence expenses for students who would otherwise not have been able to come) and participation at student workshops at EACL conferences (contribution towards student-presenters' expenses).


In return for sponsorship, EACL expects some visibility (for instance, the sponsorship is announced in a workshop programme and website etc.). A request for sponsorship must include a description of the visibility for EACL generated by the sponsorship.


A request for sponsorship should identify a concrete purpose. Indeed, EACL will not sponsor a school or workshop in general, but it will sponsor a particular course, tutorial, etc., or it will sponsor participation for a particular group of students etc.

A request for sponsorship should contain the following information:

  • A short description of the event involved (summer school, conference, student workshp etc.) and of its relevance to computational linguistics
  • A proposal for ensuring EACL visibility in return for sponsorship
  • A specification of the intended use of sponsorship -- this should state the precise purpose of the sponsorhip (e.g., fee waiving for students/participants, travel grants, accommodation cost) and a clear description of how funding will be used.
  • Motivation and justification for request.

When the sponsorship is requested in view of funding the participation of individuals (students, scholars, lecturers etc.) to the event, the selection of the sponsorship recipients will be done jointly by the EACL and the requesting party as follows:

  • The requesting party will make a selection and submit it for approval to the EACL board.
  • The selection will be provided to the EACL together with any information judged relevant. For instance, in the case of a request for supporting student participation, the following information about the candidates should be included:
    • Name, email address, affiliation and status (PhD year etc.) of the candidate
    • Source and amount of yearly income
    • Letter of motivation
    • Whether the candidate makes a presentation at the event
    • Proof of student status
    • Letter of recommendation (e.g., from supervisor)

Requests for sponsorships should be directed by email to one of the EACL board members, who passes on the request to the board.

The EACL board decides within a month on a sponsorship request. Sponsorships are normally requested by and awarded to conferences, workshops, summer schools etc. Sponsorship requests from individuals will not be considered.